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New Release: Moon over Rotterdam

Before I took this photograph I had planned for months. I wanted something different than the ‘normal’ skyline of Rotterdam photos and one day I came up with the idea to include the moon in the night skyline of Rotterdam. But to do this, there were a few major problems to figure out! One, the moon only apears on this location (between the buildings) just two times a year! Two, the photograph could only be a statement if it was a ‘full’ moon. Three, there had to be enough light to not overexpose the moon, but enough light in the sky to lighten. And four, the composition had to be killing! With these major problems I had to plan this carefully. With TPE I figured out the best date...

The artist

Since a trip to the USA in 2010 my passion for photography began. Du- ring the trip I often took my father’s Lumix and photographed all the spec- tacular buildings and beautiful nature.


Specialized in panoramic formats you'll enjoy landscapes in a whole new perspective. Discover the stunning landscape photographs of Joris Beudel in his brand new gallery.


It is now possible to purchase a unique photograph of Joris Beudel and hang it on your wall in your home or business office. Joris collaborates with the organisation Werk aan de Muur.


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