Joris Beudel bio1

Since a trip to the USA in 2010 my passion for photography began. During the trip I frequently took my father’s Lumix and photographed all the spectacular buildings and the beautiful nature. Until then I only shot ‘snapshots’, as I often say about photos that are not that special. At the end of the trip, I visited a Peter Lik gallery in Las Vegas, by chance. Each picture resembled a new world for me. The way he sees the world appealed to me tremendously and with a huge energy boost I left his gallery.

Back in Holland, I kept thinking of those beautiful pictures. After I drained the savings-account, I bought my first camera, a Canon 550D with a wide angle lens. Slowly I began to understand how a camera actually functioned and threw myself completely self-taught into the world of landscape photography.

Soon I understood, that Mother nature is constantly changing its outlook appearance, and does not offer second chances. A perfect moment can be gone in a few seconds! But the kick that I get out of capturing that perfect moment, is simultaneously my passion for photography.