Video – ‘Adventure is calling’ by Shane Black

This is just an phenomenal time-elapse video!! Be sure you’ll Watch it in HD and pump up the volume! All the credits to Shane Black.
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12 great advanced photography apps

As an outdoor photographer I always have to deal with Mother Nature. It isn’t possible to predict Mother Nature, but there are some great tools that gives me more insight for a reasonable price. Before I go on the road, I always check the weather for that day. When I’m on location mostly I check the weather again with my smartphone and often I wanna know where the sunrise or sunset exactly is taking place
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50 Photography quotes that inspire

Hi guys, in this new inspiration post I have recited 50 inspiring photography quotes. These quotes are compiled based on world known photographers, like Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry. Read these quotes word by word and I am sure a couple of them are a true inspiration for your next photograph! If you have a quote that needs to be told, don’t hesitate and hit the reaction button! Thanks, JB 1. “Your first 10,000
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Your favorite spots to photograph in the autumn!

Hi guys, you photographers know that landscape and nature photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. The summer is almost over, so it’s time to think about the oppurtunities in the new weather season: autumn! Colored leaves and trees, rivers, rain etc. I heared from other photographers that they have difficulties sometimes to come up with new beautiful places to photograph, particular
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Video – ‘Crater Lakes under the Stars’ by Ben Canales

In the future I have some plans to photograph the stars and milkyway. During a little research about this a saw this vid from Ben Canales where he made a time-elapse from the point he arrived at Crater Lakes, till he shot some great photos of the stars and milkyway. So I thought, why don’t we post this on my blog for all other photographers! Also watch his vid about the basics of astrophotography and don’
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Video – ‘Within two worlds’ by Brad Goldman

Watch this video made by Goldpaint Photography (Brad Goldman). I think this is one of the best time-elapsed video’s made so far. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you are interested in other video’s from Goldpaint, see his profile on Vimeo. If you are interested in the music in this vid, search for the name Serge Essiambre.
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