Moon over Rotterdam bw

This is my Black and White version of the original ‘Moon over Rotterdam’. This print is available as: Wood frame with passe partout. – Frame colours: black, white, dark brown, light brown and walnut. – Passe partout colours: white or black. – Paper print: metallic, matte or glossy. – Glass types: museum, glossy or matte. – Available image sizes (cm): 60×20 and 90×30
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Moon over Rotterdam

Before I took this photograph I had planned for months. I wanted something different than the ‘normal’ skyline of Rotterdam photos and one day I came up with the idea to include the moon in the night skyline of Rotterdam. But to do this, there were a few major problems to figure out! One, the moon only apears on this location (between the buildings) just two times a year! Two, the photograph could only be
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Milky Way

The milky way, a ‘thing’ in the big space around our globe, has always fascinated me. One night during my stay at Schiermonnikoog there was such a clear sky, that I had to try a milky way shot. I never did it before, because there aren’t many places in Holland where it’s that dark (read: lights are everywhere!). I made a testshot of  a tree with the milky way at the background and I was blown
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