Calm Morning

The mills of Kinderdijk have been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is famous all over the world. On this cold winter morning I drove to Kinderdijk and it was still dark when I parked the car. I walked further to the side of the river and at the same time I was looking at the sky, it was terribly overcasted! While I was waiting for sunrise I positioned my camera in a way I had thought the day before; On th
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It was already late in the evening and we were still in ‘Kananaskis’ park. We had to hurry, however I wanted to stop here, because what I saw was just pure nature. The moss that covered the rocks and fallen trees in a beautiful green blanket. Not a tree was straight and the river searched his way through the many obstacles that had arisen over the years. You don’t often see more natural landscape than on this shot. T
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Sunday Forest

For many people, Sunday morning is that part of the week to lie long in bed and sleep in, but for me, this day began as a perfect day to shoot. The cloudy weather and fog stayed with me until Belgium and the cold maintained behind, it couldn’t be better! After arriving at my destination, the fog had disappeared and it rained for 4 hours! Because rain can be quite disastrous for your equipment and rain protection is s
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