Calm Morning

The mills of Kinderdijk have been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is famous all over the world. On this cold winter morning I drove to Kinderdijk and it was still dark when I parked the car. I walked further to the side of the river and at the same time I was looking at the sky, it was terribly overcasted! While I was waiting for sunrise I positioned my camera in a way I had thought the day before; On th
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This print is available as: Wood frame with passe partout. – Frame colours: black, white, dark brown, light brown and walnut. – Passe partout colours: white or black. – Paper print: metallic, matte or glossy. – Glass types: museum, glossy or matte. – Available image sizes (cm): 60×20 and 90×30 (*Please contact for availability of larger image sizes). Canvas textile print. ̵
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