Moon over Rotterdam

Horizontal pano 26 - Moon over Rotterdam
Before I took this photograph I had planned for months. I wanted something different than the ‘normal’ skyline of Rotterdam photos and one day I came up with the idea to include the moon in the night skyline of Rotterdam. But to do this, there were a few major problems to figure out! One, the moon only apears on this location (between the buildings) just two times a year! Two, the photograph could only be a statement if it was a ‘full’ moon. Three, there had to be enough light to not overexpose the moon, but enough light in the sky to lighten. And four, the composition had to be killing!

With these major problems I had to plan this carefully. With TPE I figured out the best date and time to go and unfortunately I had to wait for 2 months! In those two months I scouted for the best possible compositions that could work for me.

March 16th was the day that everything came together. I had just one oppurtunity at my chosen location to get my shot. To get to the location I had a special request needed and I got permission. The weather cast gave me a small window of 30 minutes before the moon went behind the clouds. At my location I waited for the right moment that the sun set down and the full moon rose. After 20 minutes the full moon was just between the two buildings (the Rotterdammer and the New Orleans) and the light was just perfect! Because of the stunning sunset earlier that evening, there were still some reds and purples in the clouds.

Finally, after 5 failed and not satisfied trips to Rotterdam I’ve got my skyline photograph of Rotterdam! A location and scenery that has been photographed by many many people and many many times. It was very difficult to find a composition that differentiate of the rest, but here it is: Moon over Rotterdam!

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Wood frame with passe partout.
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Canvas textile print.
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Camera:Canon EOS Rebel T2i + 10-22mm lens
F-stop / Exposure:f/11 @ 15 sec