Sunday Forest

Horizontal pano 18 - Sunday Forest

For many people, Sunday morning is that part of the week to lie long in bed and sleep in, but for me, this day began as a perfect day to shoot. The cloudy weather and fog stayed with me until Belgium and the cold maintained behind, it couldn’t be better! After arriving at my destination, the fog had disappeared and it rained for 4 hours!

Because rain can be quite disastrous for your equipment and rain protection is still on my wish-list, I had to be wise during my spare moments of shooting. After an hour of hiking, I really couldn’t keep my cool anymore, and I grabbed my camera. With a towel over the camera-body and a lens-cap, which became a kind of hoody for the lens specialized in rain-protection, used for the sun up front, I tried to wear off the rain from my lens and I hoped it would work.

After 5 shots of various exposure shots, I was confident I had caught the movement of the river. Later that evening, I saw that this photo resembled exactly that what I had had in mind all along.