Tuscan Meadow

Horizontal pano 17 - Tuscan Meadow

During the summer I was nearby the places San Gimignano, San Quirico, Pienza and Montepulciano. It is known as the heart of the beautiful Tuscan landscape.

At the end of the day I had to make a choice in this amazing landscape where I was going to photograph the sunset. I searched for a simple composition, which was full of color and would contain the feeling of the Tuscan landscape. Knowing that Tuscany is photographed thousands of times, I searched for my own landscape photo of Tuscany. I looked at my shots taken earlier that day and made my choice for this particular location.

What I love most about photography is that a scene can change completely in a second. Earlier that day this scene was not perfect, but now luckily for me, the tables had turned. After I’d positioned my tripod and camera, my hopes were fulfilled. At the very last minute, the sun came from behind the clouds and colored the hayfield completely orange. This moment lasted for only five minutes. As the sun disappeared behind the horizon, I knew, I had captured that moment.

This print is available as:
Wood frame with passe partout.
– Frame colours: black, white, dark brown, light brown and walnut.
– Passe partout colours: white or black.
– Paper print: metallic, matte or glossy.
– Glass types: museum, glossy or matte.
– Available image sizes (cm): 60×20 and 90×30 (*Please contact for availability of larger image sizes).

Canvas textile print.
– Paper print: matte or glossy.
– Stretcher frame sizes (mm): 20, 40 and 60.
– Available image sizes (cm): 60×20, 90×30 and 150×50.

Print on aluminum dibond.
– Paper print: matte or glossy.
– Available image sizes (cm): 60×20, 90×30 and 150×50.

If you are interested to purchase this print or want more information about prices, please send an email to info@jorisbeudel.com.