Your favorite spots to photograph in the autumn!

Hi guys, you photographers know that landscape and nature photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. The summer is almost over, so it’s time to think about the oppurtunities in the new weather season: autumn! Colored leaves and trees, rivers, rain etc. I heared from other photographers that they have difficulties sometimes to come up with new beautiful places to photograph, particular in the autumn. So I thought, let’s start an article about YOUR favorite spots to photograph in the autumn and merge them into one article!

To start this I will give you my two favorite spots in this autumn:

The river La Hoëgne near the place Hockai: It’s situated in Belgium 25 kilometers from Maastricht. Visit this place near Hockai and you’ll have a beautiful path along the river and hundreds of photography possibilities! Last year I shot ‘Sunday Forest’ in this particalur area and I absolutely come back this year.

The japanese garden at Hasselt: THE japanese garden so close by is definitely the one at Hasselt. This year I wasn’t there in the right time, but I will visit this beautiful garden in the autumn for my second time for shore!

Don’t know where to start? Think of forests, a particular tree, gardens, rivers, national parks, waters, river banks… Now it’s up to you!

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